Senator suggests AIG execs should kill themselves Senator suggests AIG execs should kill themselves... Senator, yo 酒肉朋友u can do better to make law clearly says that every American mus 酒店工作t have right to use gun to kill anyone of them under good gun shot to spare them fro 裝潢m having to commit suicide to kill themselves.UPDATE: Senator: AIG execs should repent, not kill selves... 裝潢 Senator must be too stupid bad ugly evil to know that money power sex corruptio 房地產ns, that how Bush junior corrupted under the sex of Condi Rice; only those who loves God more than anything can stand firm to past the time test 部落格. Had AIG execs can know what repent means, they would not committed any sex money power crime at the first place. Just see how Bush junor showed no repented to his sex crime in his f 部落格arewell show up or off to figure the bottom line out. Just see how your lair rapist USA President Bill Clinton and his ass whore Hillary (Shamelessly selfishly disgustingly lawlessly Godlessl 部落格y to tell you how she sacrifice her privacy to suck you. If she indeed repent, she should killed Bill Clinton and 0bama to got herself to be killed instead of tooled fooled like their shield.) Clint 賣屋on showed no repent to their money sex power crimes to see the stupid bad ugly evil uncurable. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 信用貸款  .
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