Go to hell ChuChaoRan and ChenSuiBian links Why ChuChaoRen(415-695-9678) so evilly raped me twice to damage my virgin clean? I did not think about it even when I posted my last comments in baidu or someone's blog . I just got it from the ghost sense that evil disgusting ChuChaoRen fucked me to challenge good man ChiangKaiShake's spy head, because he must have had the tool(s) from ChiangKaiShake's spy head enemy within to know or read or watch all my mind, therefore, he knew what I was thinking while "Lin.G.Zong" companied me meeting him in "Ill.Land" "Jyao.C" trip; he's so evil intentionally messing up the whole spy world therefore, made ChiangKaiShake's spy head "Yuan.Sway.Nun.Joe.Jean.Whore" watched me falling into "Who.Call"; Yes, Linda Chwan(718-2656502 917-4353068) and her family members so called "Da.Chen.Ren" major criminals worked together with evil doers ChuChaoRen grouped, and ChenSuiBian must have been one of those "Da.Chen.Ren" slaves, this may explain how come that stupid bad ugly evil ChenSuiBian so eagerly abused his power to do evil acting like he's above God to pardon criminals "Lee.Yu.Tang" couple's dead bodies. Go to hell ChuChaoRen and ChenSuiBian and whoever bent to them to have the evil mind to trap me into hells. Because human being must not be allowed to test God, no 東森房屋t mention to test naive innocent homeless parentless loveless young woman like I was. Shame on ChenSuiBian cowardly disgustingly step on innocent naive parentless homeless loveless young woman's injustice to crawl up to get high chair seat in Taiwan. If stupid bad ugly evil ChenSuiBian does not even have had the brain cell and common sense to know that he does not divorce, he must die for her together or immediate after like my dad had showed inside "Keelung River", then ChenSuiBian too stupid to qualify seat in President House in Taiwan; if he already knew then his crime add more "Mean.Zhi.Goo(se).Fun.". This may explain how come man should not marry at the first place if he does not afford to die together with or immediate after her deadly body cold. This may explain how come so many or most men died before spouse, or divorce at the old ages like many Japanese couples had done. This may explain how come Chinese said "君無[喜喜]宴", how come MouJerDong and Chiang Kai-Shake even had lived that long, ChiangChin and SungMayLink both had stayed longer than her BIG MAN. How come that major male role in the movie "BraveHeart" must have died that miserably to make up his extra date in order to be able 台灣房屋to afford to return the rest of the mankind form. Therefore, you should know those man who widowed or widows like that so called "HongHighKwall" integrity all in doubt. Why those man whose spouse died, he must die? Because take care his intitled spouse is his lawful duty, he allowed her died in front of him or before him, that means he failed his duty, he must die for his failure, because marriage not like other duty that someone else must be able to share the blamed burden, only him to be blamed to die for that failure, this may explain how come Japan Samurai must have killed self and got friend willing to help him finished the suicide. Therefore, man, do not kill your spouse, that's against your duty, you kill her, you committed double crimes; divorce her instead of kill her, if you think she's too evil to be allowed to live any more longer, divorce her first then kill her after divorced certainly like O.J. suspected may have had done like that. Therefore, I say to all married man or male, go to divorce immediately if you are unwilling to die before or immediately after your spouse dead body cremated cold. Therefore, man and woman who love each other dearest better not get anything to do with lawness (because man made law ou 看房子t of God's mercy love), so that after she died, he can still hold her from falling into hells, because like so called "5.Zhi.Boot.Myan.Dean.Lyu.", as long as in this earth she's someone's only love(notice Only Love matters), her ghost will stay with her sweetheart until he's not in this earth any more, then after he left, she would fall into hells if she not good enough to fly up or hold on in between, he either fly with her together up(like there's a song words "Up Up the way", I don't remember the rest of those words, somehow I certainly got those words into my mind) back to heaven, or he back to earth again as female form to meet the routine re-cycles. When man and woman truely have made love each other(like 孟子 said "Ren.Zhi.True.性本善), woman would always have our True God's bless to leave her sweetheart back up her, therefore, if she good enough to be up, he would always back up her, she falling down, she can only blame herself left no place for him back up for her. Therefore, woman, listen to my advise, do not whore, because any man having sex with her after she did or does whore, cannot become her true love. Man must always "Jer.善.Goo(gle).Zhi", preserve his only love, his true love must withstand time test no matter what happe 新成屋ned to her. Therefore, you should figure out how evil that stupid bad ugly evil ChuChaoRen had been, he knew I was virgin, he had no intention to marry any woman, he should not have had any right to fuck any woman at the first place. Go to hell ChuChaoRen, "Ten.Won.Wheel.Wheel.Sue.Are.Boot.Load", ChuChaoRen has no way to get away from his crimeS. Not mention the crimes that ChuChaoRen and his grouped had committed must be the most serious treason crime in the spy world, because spy must not allowed to challenge their head in any way. Go to hell "Yu.Sho(ck).What"(Linda Chwee)(917-4353068 718-2656502 70-45 LOUBET ST. FOREST HILLS NY 11375; 41-16 77ST ELMHURST NY 11373 717-2346655; 2615 N.4TH ST. Harrisbury PA 17110 717-2349335; 718-4467528; 66BAY 49th ST., Brooklyn N.Y. 11214; 179 Simonson Ave Staten Island NY 10303; Jeremy Cobb Co . Inc. 1290 Ave of The Americas. N.Y. N.Y.10104; 412-5216616; 718-4480805; 42-25 80ST. 6F ELMHURST, NY 11373 718-639-7087) and "Yu.Ling" (516-681-7003 718-631-8896 ; 886-33-331032; 886-2-[2]3961853/4; 886-2-[2]5719182/5; 886-2-[2]5615157/3935125/7; 886-2-[2]7662149; 886-2-[2]-7092000EX207), "Yu.Chain.Chain" (886-2-[2]7662149; 886-2-[2]7123958; 917-7146395; 212-5024884; 718-8841080; 718-6017120; and their dad "Yu.Jun."(29403594 BeiJing) You stupid bad ugly evil spy head sho 廬山住宿uld not have recruited any female into your spy world, because good woman in This World only has faith in her own kids and other underaged kids and her own sweetheart that she and he indeed love each other dearest(this may explain how come good woman would sooner or later loves God more than her man). Female dressed animal who has no sweetheart or lacks of the faith to her own under aged kids like Linda Chwee(Yu.Sho[ck].What) or Condi Rice(remember how she sucked Israel former head to fall, and threw stones to injured civilian US citizen Imus?) or Lu:ShowLain(remember how she sucked those Taiwanese mountain residents to demand them out of Taiwan to go to Central Latin American mountain place? what a cold blood that female dressed animal has showed) had showed cold blood has no way to be faithful in any her job, works not even think that she may know what mankind world's duty means. 宣欽仁 is the suspected treason criminal that grouped together with "Yu.Chain.Chain" (余千千886-2-[2]7662149; 886-2-[2]7123958; 917-7146395; 212-5024884; 718-8841080; 718-6017120) and her sister "Yu.Ling" (516-681-7003 718-631-8896 ; 886-33-331032; 886-2-[2]3961853/4; 886-2-[2]5719182/5; 886-2-[2]5615157/3935125/7; 886-2-[2]7662149; 886-2-[2]-7092000EX207) and their dad "Yu.Jun."(29403594 BeiJing) with ChuChaoRen( 朱兆任415-695-9678) 宣欽仁(886-3-39 廬山飯店07253 886-9-39640529 email:cr.hsiuan@msa.inet.net)-朱兆任(415-6959678 P.O.Box 26056 San Francisco CA 94126)-林兆欽(八堵林美玉's brother)-助選-林華萱(JungShiauLin's brother JungZhengLin's daughter. JungZhengLin 886-7-7104640)-林美華(one of Ticona Kaohsiung former workers hired by JungShiauLin)-林美玉(八堵 my playmate before I lost my parents)-余玲("Yu.Ling" 516-681-7003 718-631-8896 ; 886-33-331032; 886-2-[2]3961853/4; 886-2-[2]5719182/5; 886-2-[2]5615157/3935125/7; 886-2-[2]7662149; 886-2-[2]-7092000EX207) 宣欽仁 was showed deeply falling in love with 余千千 in 華興 schooling time. I don't know if 余千千 felt the same passion to him or not. 余千千-成千上萬-千山萬水-陳萬水-山窮水盡-陳?(86-574-87111330/87117805/87198000/87198111/87147030/87123787/87505838/87923540; 86-13805883707/13805861722 Billy Yan)-陳津佩(Taiwan "Yan.Ill.Ren.Yuan" nick name 大白鯊)-陳錦培(政大歷史系第二屆)-陳文尚( he was or is 華興teacher, he's 郭修凡's ex-未婚夫, at that time 郭修凡 worked in 華興 library, 郭修凡 had shared room with me when I worked in華興 Social Department. )-錢文霈(626-9198747)-陳文茜(886-2-27857181文茜小妹大)-錢文霖(錢文霈's second older brother, it said 錢文霖 immigrated to Singapore long time ago)-余玲(余千千's sister)-"余陳月.Ying"(余玲雅's mom; 余玲雅's 陳錦培政大歷史系第二屆 classmate)-鄭月英(English name N 廬山溫泉ancy [Zheng] Lee, 18527 Sweet Meadow, Spring, TX 77379 281-379-1687)-鄭余鎮(Taiwan law makers member, there's reporter reporting about his affair with 王筱嬋 out of the law)-陳真(Taiwan female singer, her appearance reminding me 郭修凡) There's one time 宣欽仁 and his wife unexpectedly met JungShiauLin and me and my daughter Jenny in 墾丁公園, he surprised me with very loud HAPPY voice spoke to me "想死你了" in front of JungShiauLin and his wife and other unknown 遊客, at that time, I did not have second doubt, I thought it was just an old classmate greeting, now I look back, I suspect that so called "想死你了" most likely linked to underground chained slavery secret code that he and JungShiauLin and may be those other unknown 遊客 who heard his voice must have known what it indeed meant. 宣欽仁(886-2-26721963/26746551/26719111#313136#313157; 886-3-3907253 886-9-39640529) "Sing.Jeye.Lux.Whore" enjoying other's painfulness worse than cold blood snakes, I wonder how much crimes he must have had committed invisibly under his military uniformed covering up. Taiwan military should jail him immediately and order military court and ask for world wide military provide any available information to try him and his links. "Sing.Jeye.Lux.Whore" enjoying other's painfulness must be the major reason JungShiauLin trapping me into his loveless marriage these 花蓮旅遊years. Law Makers around the world, why you want to have anything to do with your civilians marriage? I think your law should only need register military and public official workers marriages, you should have nothing to do with civilian's sex lifes, you should tell your civilians they can do whatever they like as long as they don't have anything to do with public office works, woman needs to take care her own kids if she so stupid to burden herself with kids, Government can take care only one kid for every woman, when the woman hand her kid to cared by government, government must demand that woman to remove her whole system of birth function, so that she can have all fun she wants and not risk any chance to bring any more innocent baby to come into this world to face dead ahead endless hell cycles. Why I must not go ahead to do the divorce myself? Because it is not right, it is JungShiauLin's duty to do it, I must not do the duty for him, just like woman must not occupy public office to take away the man's right to service the Public Chinese so called 公眾, or kind like Republic of China must not have right to divorce Mainland Chinese to become the Nationn of Taiwan directly, if you done it any way, you must have no chance to get the time to learn the lesson any more; this may explain how come God blocked me from finished the divorce that I already filed, because when w 花蓮民宿e made mistakes rooted of stupid or naive and good will, though it is nothing to do with crime or sin, yet we still must pay the time to learn the lesson, when we run out of enough time to learn the lesson or that mistake too serious to have lesson made up; naive, stupid with goodwill desrves God blocks from falling down to that deadly path. To win the NBA champion, you must be very good, to back to heaven, we must be in good side all the time, low standard law not good enough to fly us back to heaven. Woman needs to know 小不忍亂大謀, it is 天壤之別, 上天堂下地獄 一線間隔. JungShiauLin does not do his duty to divorce me can only have all losers, no winner; the difference is good losers in this world like me and my sweetheart Jone Lee can still be back up to heaven without a doubt. We have true love matched up, we are certain flying back our True God embrace. In front of God "Only Love matters" (as stated in the book "Many Lives, Many Masters"), like Chinese said "唯情是問". What I don't understand is you law makers already seen your marriage law making so many marriage hells why you don't do your duty to seek any correcting, improving or changing as a law makers supposed to do your lawful responsibility to help all your civilians to have best opportunity to get better lifes.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 吉安民宿  .
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