Your Government is the evilest criminal That how your Court must be set for try anyone of them, not you the people. That how those sucking underground chained slavery terrors committed the crime of lies in the 6.4." 酒店經紀Ten.Ann.Man" crime scene got away at large around the globe. Because the evil Chinese all slaved by them, the good better best Chines 設計裝潢e all can see the point of view that I am telling you, that also matches the rule that you must have no way to try any liar, you kill those liars showing 室內設計 in front of your eyes instead of wasting your public fund, public energy, public time, public room to allow those liars to use your court to spread their lies even further harm 建築設計, you cannot afford to see them like nothing like God does, therefore, you have to do all you can to kill them all. Your Government is the evilest criminal, you just see how that liar USA governm 住商房屋ent lied to that Unibomber family members and got away from their lies; that how you need to kill all Harvard law school professors for none of them can have the righteous guts to stand up to sue that lair USA governmen 房屋買賣t to guard the Unibomber honest right. You must not turn any wanted to your sucking government, you must respect those wanted free right at large, so that they can come again and again as man form to balance your sucking evilest governmen 酒店工作t form. That how stupid bad ugly evil that At larged criminal's ex-wife to committed whore crime to got her USA liar President Bill Clinton to parden her ex-husband while he's not in jail any way; too stupid bad ugly evil to know that his hells crime 網路行銷 only at large out out of the evilest government most wanted can give him that chance to come again. That how you have to divorce her, if you already committed treason crime, no matter she like or dislike, agree or disagree, because disagree you to divorce you treason c 系統傢俱rime is her evil "Sin.G" to make you to meet your no point of returning dead end. Because marriage Treason crime out of your evilest government wanted not mention most wanted.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 永慶房屋  .
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